Take Your Clinical Skills to the Next Level with Online Courses Featuring Master Therapists in Clinical Sessions with Real Clients

Motivational Interviewing Step by Step

Motivational Interviewing is widely used in many domains and is an efficient way to get your clients to increase their motivation to change. But everyone agrees: becoming a proficien...

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Advanced Cognitive Behavioral Interventions for OCD

OCD expert Reid Wilson will teach you how to use brief, paradoxical cognitive behavioral interventions to equip your clients with tools to break free from the compulsive rituals and ...

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Legal and Ethical Issues for Mental Health Professionals: Revised 2020

Finally, a clear and compelling presentation of the most critical legal and ethical issues practitioners need to knowā€”updated in 2020! This course will strengthen your clinical decis...

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Counseling African American Men

Learn how to better connect with African AmericanĀ men andĀ create the brave, bold spaces necessary for healing Spanning over nine hours,Ā this highly-laudedĀ course will deepen your se...

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EFT Masterclass: Advanced Issues in Couples Counseling

Couples therapy is already challenging, but becomes even more so when addiction, sexual issues, pornography and grief enter the clinical frame. In this richly instructive four-volume...

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MI for Adolescent Health Behavior

Learn how to effectively support and empower adolescents dealing with health concerns using Motivational Interviewing skills and techniques. In this course, MI trainer Cathy Cole, L...

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MI with Adolescents: Core Concepts

Learn how to apply Motivational Interviewing principles to resistant adolescents clients and how to support and empower them to change their destructive behaviors. In this course, S...

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MI for Adolescent Substance Use

Acquire practical Motivational Interviewing tools to help you manage challenging sessions with adolescent clients struggling with substance use. Working with adolescents can be chal...

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MI in Juvenile Justice Settings

Are you looking for an alternative to the directive approaches traditionally used in Juvenile Justice settings? Ā Working with mandated clients is a complicated endeavor to begin with...

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