Drawing upon over 20 years of experience developing the highest quality training videos in mental health, Academy brings you comprehensive courses on some of the most popular, effective and evidence-based modalities in these fields.

Our Courses are built to guide you, step by step, through therapeutic methodologies, skills and techniques, so you can apply them immediately to your own practice.

You will not only learn the core underpinnings of a methodology, but you will also see the techniques demonstrated by key experts, and be able to practice them through interactive exercises. We then put the skills and techniques in the context of a client session with carefully chosen clips and commentary that underline and reinforce the use of specific  techniques and why they are being utilized in that particular moment. Finally, various text downloadable materials will suggest additional exercises, discussion questions and role-plays.

At the end of our course, you will be armed with a toolkit that you can take and implement with your own clients.



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