Take Your Clinical Skills to the Next Level with Online Courses Featuring Master Therapists in Clinical Sessions with Real Clients

Reimagining Multiculturalism: A Contemporary Narrative Approach

Renowned Narrative Therapy expert, Travis Heath, demonstrates the processes and techniques to explore the dominant stories that have shaped your clients’ lives and together co-author...

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Grief Therapy Masterclass: Advanced Skills in Working Through Loss

From restructuring attachment in the wake of loss, to helping clients figure out who they are in light of what they have suffered, Neimeyer will teach you how to enrich and deepen yo...

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Irvin Yalom and the Art of Psychotherapy

For the first time ever, see Irvin Yalom conduct actual therapy sessions. This is your chance to witness firsthand how one of the most revered therapists of our time engages with his...

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Emotionally Focused Therapy Step by Step

Couples therapy is one of the most challenging approaches in our field—yet most therapists jump into the work without adequate preparation. Clinicians often learn trial by fire, whic...

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ACT in Action

Don't just think your clients are getting better. See them getting better. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy focuses on processes, not problems, resulting in changes so profound you...

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Neurodiversity-Affirming Play Therapy with Children and Teens

Neurodiversity-Affirming Play Therapy with Children and Teens Online Course with Robert Jason Grant, EdD FEATURING 15 PLAY INTERVENTIONS WITH 4 CLIENTS • 5 CEUS • BONUS MATERIALS ...

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Accelerated Treatment for Anxiety, Panic and Phobias

Featuring renowned anxiety disorder expert Reid Wilson, PhD, this course showcases Wilson's unique, playful and aggressive approach to treating anxiety disorders. Comprehensive, ente...

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Resolving Trauma in Psychotherapy: A Somatic Approach

Learn Powerful Somatic Techniques You Can Use to Help Clients Break Free from Trauma Trauma overwhelms the nervous system and its effects can make traditional therapeutic approaches...

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Assessment and Intervention with Suicidal Clients

Increase your confidence in working with the single greatest clinical and ethical challenge faced by any therapist. Do you dread working with suicidal clients?  Do you feel that it ...

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Using Family Systems Theory in Psychotherapy

Join Monica McGoldrick as she skillfully engages in a series of sessions with a diverse range of clients and demonstrates how you can challenge, support and empower your clients to e...

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A Couple in Crisis: Creating Rapid Change With EFT

What You Get in This Course 1.5 hours of videos featuring EFT trainer Scott Woolley conducting a powerful clinical session Thorough behind-the-scenes commentary to provide insigh...

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Crisis Counseling: 7 Steps to Effective Intervention

How can you provide immediate relief to someone devastated by what can seem like insurmountable odds? This online course provides a blueprint counselors can use to confidently interv...

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