ACT in Action

Don't just think your clients are getting better. See them getting better.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy focuses on processes, not problems, resulting in changes so profound you'll know you're helping clients live rich, rewarding lives. ACT in Action gives you an empirical framework of strategic interventions, mindfulness exercises, and metaphors that you can begin using immediately to promote growth and change in all your clients.

  • 10+ hours of clinical sessions and detailed commentary by ACT founder Steven Hayes
  • Supplemental resources, 10.75 CE credits and certificates included in the course
  • Instant lifetime access to all materials — start anytime, study at your own pace
  • Rich repertoire of mindfulness exercises, metaphors and strategic interventions so you can get all your clients — even the “stuck” ones — moving forward  

With this course you'll learn how to...

  • Get “stuck” clients moving forward with mindfulness exercises, metaphors and strategic interventions 
  • Cultivate meaningful connections with all your clients, even the ones who don't want to be there
  • Target and reshape the cognitive processes that are at the heart of your clients' struggles
  • Align clients with their values using evidence-based techniques that foster meaningful growth and change 
  • Facilitate in-session experiential learning proven to help both you and your clients live rich, fulfilling lives

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