Taking your CE tests

CE Credits are always included  with the purchase of our Courses. Instructions for accessing the CE tests are included at the end of each module. To take your CE tests, you must log into the CE Test section at Psychotherapy.net.

1- Accessing your CE test

To access the test, you must log into your Psychotherapy.net CE account here 

- If you did not have a CE Account previously on Psychotherapy.net (you have never taken a CE test from us before, or have not purchased a product from Psychotherapy.net) , we have created one for you with the same email you are using to log into this course.  Your password is the first part of your email address (before the @). Once you are logged in, we recommend you change your password (we suggest you use the same password as the one you are using to access this course).

- If you already have a Psychotherapy.net CE account under the same email as the one used to access the course on Psychotherapy.net Academy, log in using your email address but note that your password may be different from the one you have chosen for this course on Psychotherapy.net Academy.  If you don't remember it, reset your password here(we suggest you use the same password as the one you are using to access this course) 


2- Entering your license information

Once you are logged into your CE account on Psychotherapy.net, you can enter your license information under the Profile tab in your account panel.

3- Taking your CE Test 

Once you are logged into your CE Account on Psychotherapy.net, you can take your test by clicking on the CE Test tab in your account panel.

4- Printing your CE Certificate

Your CE Certificate can be accessed from the CE Certificates tab in your account panel. 

For any questions

Email customerservice@psychotherapy.net  or call us at 1-800-577-4762


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