Using Family Systems Theory in Psychotherapy

Join Monica McGoldrick as she skillfully engages in a series of sessions with a diverse range of clients and demonstrates how you can challenge, support and empower your clients to explore and resolve family-of-origin and relational conflicts that lock them and you hopelessly in place.

How many times have we become mired in our client’s presenting problem, losing our way in the therapy room?

Monica McGoldrick frees us from the misguided pull of an individual’s problems by demonstrating how the lens of Family Systems Theory can help us with all of our clients, shifting our clinical attention from individual symptoms and presenting problems to racial, cultural, gendered and life-cycle issues that can keep clients in perpetual distress.  


"A must for any clinician, educator, or supervisor considering the use of genograms in any aspect of their work. McGoldrick, through her insight and sage clinical wisdom, not only walks the viewer through the basics of constructing an effective genogram, but she also demonstrates how to ask skillful, probing but respectful questions that invite the client to examine previously unexplored but highly significant family of origin territory. I know of no other comparable resource in the field that seamlessly displays the nuances of the genogram construction process while simultaneously providing a hands-on demonstration of its clinical relevance and effectiveness. Whether you are a passionate adherent of family therapy or a casual follower, you will find this course to be an extremely useful resource."

—Kenneth V. Hardy, PhD, Professor, Couple and Family Therapy, Drexel University

“Monica McGoldrick is a master family therapist, who makes her moment-to-moment thinking and action accessible to both beginners in training and experienced therapists alike. Using humor, warmth, gentle confrontation, exquisite timing, and connection, she weaves the complexities of gender, ethnicity, migration, social class, loss, step-families, adolescence and marriage into a gorgeous tapestry.”

--Evan Imber-Black, PhD, Program Director, Marriage and Family Therapy Masters' Program, Mercy College  

“Monica McGoldrick uses a multigenerational lens and directive approach to explore how familial patterns affect current relationships. These videos demonstrate the effective way individual work can morph into couple’s and family work, resulting in a healthier communication style.”

—Hannah E. Acquaye, PhD, Assistant Professor of Counseling, Western Seminary


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