EFT Masterclass: Advanced Issues in Couples Counseling

Couples therapy is already challenging, but becomes even more so when addiction, sexual issues, pornography and grief enter the clinical frame. In this richly instructive four-volume series, EFT experts and trainers demonstrate how strengthening the bonds of attachment can heal relationship wounds in these complex cases.

Over time, couples with secure bonds of trust and attachment grow together. However, already insecure bonds become even more frayed and couples grow distant when complex issues like substance abuse, pornography addiction, sexual intimacy and grief enter the clinical frame. In these cases, clinicians can easily become mired in and distracted by these thorny issues. EFT, with its focus on attachment, is a proven and effective method that will guide you directly to the frayed bonds of attachment in the couples you work with so you can help them mend and grow.

By watching this talented team of EFT clinicians conduct four actual couples therapy sessions, you will learn how to directly address the pain and detachment fueling addiction, sexual disconnection and loss in the couples you work with. Your clinical competence and confidence with these couples will be deepened by watching this richly instructive and deeply moving set of clinical demonstrations. Treat yourself to a front row seat as these master clinicians demonstrate, narrate and teach you the powerful applications of key EFT principles and techniques with these challenging clients. 


"Discussion of sexual issues, addictions and grief can be intimidating for novice and seasoned counselors alike, but these videos clearly demonstrate how to talk about these dynamic and deeply personal challenges faced by our clients in the therapy room."

—Javier F. Casado Pérez, PhD, Community Counseling Clinic Director, Marriage, Couples, and Family Counseling Program Co-Coordinator, Portland State University"

“Highly recommended! An excellent resource for anyone interested in deepening their skills and continuing their professional growth, this series covers topics not thoroughly covered beyond content-level knowledge in training programs, but incredibly important in many relationships. Well-produced, with clear guidance on developing advanced-level skills that are often underemphasized in training, especially within a clinical context.”

—Keith Klostermann, PhD, AAMFT Approved Supervisor, Associate Professor, Medaille Collegeilliam Bumberry, PhD, Gottman Master Trainer & Certified EFT Therapist

 "An invaluable resource for anyone working with couples. These videos are a rare opportunity to experience clinicians with very different styles apply the same model of psychotherapy.  I especially loved seeing how very different therapeutic styles are a great fit with the EFT-model, and that emotion can be worked with through several routes.  Any therapist who wishes to help clients gain deeper access to their emotional experience will find some gems here.”

—Dimitrij Samoilow, ICEEFT-certified EFT-trainer, clinical psychologist, Oslo, Norway.


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