Legal and Ethical Issues for Mental Health Professionals: Revised 2020

Finally, a clear and compelling presentation of the most critical legal and ethical issues practitioners need to know—updated in 2020! This course will strengthen your clinical decision-making, build your confidence and help minimize the likelihood of board complaints and malpractice litigation.  

Are you up to date on the…

  • Standards of care regarding telehealth, digital communication and social media?
  • Complexities of HIPAA as it impacts clinical practice?
  • Line that separates a boundary crossing and a boundary violation?
  • Ethics governing bartering, gift-giving and touch in psychotherapy?
  • Conditions under which confidentiality can be breached?
  • Difference between the duty to warn, report and protect?  
  • Laws and ethics involved in cases of suspected child or elder abuse?

 If any of these dilemmas have presented themselves in your practice, leaving you confused and fearful, this series is for you. Enjoy and learn from dramatizations punctuated with incisive conversations by psychologist and legal expert Stephen Feldman and founder, Victor Yalom.



“Updated introduction that includes clear and applicable overarching principles that are easy to memorize and apply when faced with an ethical or legal dilemma. The vignettes provide additional depth and context to the real-life court rulings, making the information memorable. The context of the videos makes the information memorable and helpful for understanding the complexity of accurate ethical decision-making.”

Angie O'Gieblyn, PhD Lecturer, Clinical Mental Health Counseling

“Timely and very relevant to all mental health practitioners, with case illustrations for defining the parameters of therapeutic relationships, discerning dual relationships, differentiating between privacy and confidentiality, and guidelines for complying with HIPAA. This is a powerful resource for all clinicians as they maneuver through the questions that result from ethical dilemmas for which there are no written rules.”

Carlos M. Del Rio, PhD Assistant Professor, Bellevue University

“A great resource for students, educators and practitioners, providing a solid foundation for understanding the legal and ethical issues therapists often face. A must-have throughout the counselor education journey—from ethics classes to internships and into practice.”

—Lynn Jennings, PhD Adjunct Faculty, Texas Tech University


Please note: New York State licensees are responsible for complying with New York laws, rules and regulations.



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