MI with Adolescents: Core Concepts

Learn how to apply Motivational Interviewing principles to resistant adolescents clients and how to support and empower them to change their destructive behaviors.

In this course, Sebastian Kaplan, PhD demonstrates how to successfully apply MI  in 4 individual and family sessions with 2 thirteen-year-old girls.  

Marley's falling grades and increased truancy and Katie's self-harming behavior in response to bullying have brought them into a therapist's office. Watch as Kaplan demonstrates how to use MI to manage risk, deepen rapport, and draw out his clients’ innate strengths. This video also offers in-depth commentary, in which Kaplan openly discusses his frustrations in session and then shows how to work with them to clinical benefit.

In addition to an overview of Motivational Interviewing (MI) and its application to adolescents, you will learn how to bring parents into the clinical picture and discover helpful tools for working with your own internal responses to a client.

This course is an excellent resource for clinicians who want useful strategies for Motivational Interviewing, adolescent therapy, or family-based interventions.

Course hosts:  Sebastian Kaplan, PhD, and Victor Yalom, PhD

Counselors featured: Sebastian Kaplan, PhD


“MI concepts and skills are masterfully demonstrated through engaging sessions with adolescents encountering common psychosocial struggles: relationships with peers and parents, identity formation, and the yearning for both connection and independence. The combination of live sessions with conceptual and summary discussions provides an effective and inspiring way to learn about MI and its tremendous value when applied to counseling clients in this age group.”

—Heidi Morton, M.Ed. School Counselor/Counselor Educator

“This will be a valuable resource for professionals in the field and for those in training. The discussion about MI is clear, thorough, and accessible. The demonstrations of MI in action with adolescents, which are much needed, are well-done and interesting. Particularly helpful for me, as a training tool, is the demonstration of using MI with a family. Dr. Kaplan is highly skilled and able to show viewers the complex and delicate dance of MI.” 

—Denise Ernst PhD, MI trainer, Portland State University



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