Counseling African American Men

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Learn how to better connect with African American men and create the brave, bold spaces necessary for healing

Spanning over nine hours, this highly-lauded course will deepen your sensitivity to the role that race plays both inside and outside of the therapeutic space so that you can build a strong alliance with your clients and make meaningful, targeted interventions.

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Get comfortable being uncomfortable

Working with African American men requires therapists to look beyond symptoms in order to truly appreciate what it’s like to live in a racialized society, and to confront issues that may make both the therapist and the client uncomfortable. In this powerful course you will explore the challenges and historical considerations unique to this population and discover how to use this knowledge to develop a strong working alliance and create a safe, bold space for your African American clients.

Chad in Session

What you’ll get with this course

  • Over nine hours of video along with additional resources to enrich your learning experience
  • Clips from real therapy sessions led by author and educator, Darrick Tovar-Murray, PhD, with three different clients
  • Thoughtful and candid post-session discussions between Tovar-Murray and founder Victor Yalom, PhD
  • Unlimited, lifetime access to all videos and supplemental resources
  • Up to 9.5 CE credits at no extra cost
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reviewer, Sam Steen

Sam Steen, PhD

Associate Professor, School Counseling, George Mason University

“Dr. Tovar Murray intentionally offers a therapeutic space for Black male clients to narrate their intersections of identity without fear of judgment, criticism, or skepticism. The therapist skillfully examines race, identity, strength, and resiliency while navigating the importance of self-disclosure, connection, and agency within session. This timely demonstration can be a foundation for some therapists, students, and professors or a key reminder for others within our racialized society.”

LaTonya Summers, PhD

Founder of The Black Mental Health Symposium and Assistant Professor, Jacksonville University

“This unprecedented work, Counseling African American Men, is a beautiful, powerful, and affirmative piece. Dr. Tovar-Murray masterfully demonstrates that therapists don’t need special interventions or tricks up their sleeves to work with Black male clients. Rather, he shows that building an authentic, therapeutic relationship is the key that unlocks the door to Black men's wellness.”

Inclusive. Authentic. Effective.

Learn how to create a brave space where your clients feel safe discussing all the topics that affect their lives.


Price is per individual user. Discounts available for organizations with multiple users. Contact us at [email protected] or call 1-800-577-4762.

This course covers...

Developing Cultural Competency

Explore the challenges and historical considerations unique to Black men and discover tools for developing the confidence and competence you need to create a meaningful working bond with African American men by not just allowing, but inviting uncomfortable topics such as racism and slavery to enter the room and leveraging them as a catalyst for growth.

Counseling African American Men, Volume 1: Developing Cultural Competency
Counseling African American Men, Volume 2: Anger and Identity

Anger and Identity

Watching these masterful, race-informed sessions with two African American men and the detailed analysis that follows will give you essential tools for breaking down the complex dynamics of race, anger, and identity and deepen your clinical awareness of the needs of your African American clients so that you can build a foundation for trust, insight, and healing.

Carver: A Complete Course of Therapy

Follow the complete therapeutic journey of Carver, a young man struggling with the impacts of an absent father. By watching Tovar-Murray masterfully meld narrative and client-centered techniques, you will learn how to help Black men heal from the transgenerational scars and narratives that continue to oppress them.

Counseling African American Men, Volume 3: A Complete Course of Therapy

Create brave, safe spaces where your clients can thrive.


 Discounts available for organizations with multiple users. Contact us at [email protected] or call 1-800-577-4762.

Our experts are...

Darrick Tovar-Murray, PhD

Darrick Tovar-Murray, Ph.D., is an associate professor of counseling in the Department of Counseling and Special Education at DePaul University in Chicago, where he teaches a wide range of graduate-level clinical counseling courses. He is the author (with contributions from Jan Louis Gaetjens) of Basic Therapeutic Counseling Skills: Interventions for Working with Clients’ Thoughts, Feelings and Behavior (Cognella, 2017). Dr Tovar Murray’s primary area of scholarship is multicultural counseling, and his research interests include identity development, African-American well-being, and counseling and spirituality.

Darrick Tovar-Murray, PhD
Victor Yalom, PhD

Victor Yalom, PhD

Victor Yalom, PhD is the founder, CEO, and resident cartoonist of He is a licensed psychologist with over 30 years of clinical experience and has conducted workshops in existential-humanistic and group therapy in the US, Mexico, and China. He has produced over 80 training videos in psychotherapy, counseling, and addictions treatment.

course reviewer, Shirlyn Garret

Dr. Shirlyn M. Garrett, EdD

Assistant Professor, Director of the Counseling Graduate Program, Chicago State University

“This comprehensive online course is insightful and much needed. Tovar-Murray's unique style of working brings to light the unwritten narratives of African American men, giving them a voice in a space where they have often felt silenced and stigmatized. This series will be amazing in training a new generation of counselors.”

Dr. Jordan Shannon, PhD

Assistant Professor, Seattle Pacific University

Counseling African American Men humanizes how the experiences of racism, stereotypes and trauma affects Black men and their mental health. These experiences, whether shared or idiosyncratic, need to be heard, enabling counselors to engage in a culturally responsive and humanistic practice.”

Poonam Doshi, PhD

Assistant Professor, Pace University

“Dr. Tovar-Murray will deepen your understanding of racial experiences and their profound psychological effects. His methods for addressing the multi-layered identities of African-American men can be easily incorporated into your existing therapeutic approach. An absolutely necessary resource for all counseling professionals.”

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Price is per individual user. Discounts available for organizations with multiple users. Contact us at [email protected] or call 1-800-577-4762.