It’s said that time heals all wounds, but for those suffering from loss, time alone heals very few. It’s what you do with the time that matters.

Help clients integrate loss in ways that make space for profound transformation.

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Grief Therapy Masterclass

Advanced Skills in Working Through Loss

with Robert Neimeyer, PhD

ONLINE COURSE with 8.5 hours of video featuring clinical sessions with 7 clients, 8.75 CEUs and bonus resources. Get lifetime access to all course materials for only $249.


Join renowned expert Robert Neimeyer in this online course featuring clinical sessions with seven clients. You'll learn a powerful meaning-making approach to grief therapy that goes far beyond normalizing, educating and managing symptoms to help clients move forward.

You’ll be inspired by watching Neimeyer and his colleague Carolyn Ng demonstrate these transformative strategies as they work with clients facing devastating losses from:

  • Perinatal complications
  • Natural causes
  • Accidents
  • Suicide
  • Unsolved murder

Enrich your skills for working with this challenging but rewarding topic that permeates clinical work

Only $249 per person


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“You can change 24 years in an hour permanently if you find the key to the door that opens on to a different space. The thing is, the client always has the key. They just don't know where they left it. So partly what we're doing is finding the key.”

—Robert Neimeyer, PhD

Get a Step-by-Step Understanding of Meaning-Making in Grief Therapy 

Learn How To:

Treat people, not symptoms, by finding where clients are stuck

Recognize where clients are stuck in the grieving process and tailor interventions to meet their needs at their level of readiness

Learn trauma-informed methods for restoring agency

Give clients agency over their loss so they can name and claim their experiences

Learn attachment-oriented techniques to re-secure bonds with deceased

Realign relationships with the deceased so they become accessible resources in life

Look at loss through a different lens

Address loss through the lens of meaning reconstruction to help bereaved clients find a path forward

Restorative retelling practices like bracing pacing and facing

Use bracing, pacing and facing to facilitate retelling tales of loss without retraumatizing

Learn empty chair and other imaginal dialogue

Use imaginal dialogue techniques to resolve unfinished business
and guide self-discovery

Discover a Powerful Meaning-Oriented Approach to Grief Therapy

Get Lifetime Access to All Course Materials for Only $249 per person

Includes 8.5+ hrs of video featuring clinical sessions, 8.75 CEUs and more

 For individual use only; not intended for shared use, teaching or training.
Are you an educator or clinical director? Learn how to incorporate our resources into your courses and trainings. Contact [email protected] or call 1-800-577-4762.

Course Curriculum

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VOLUME 1: A Meaning-Based Model

Move beyond outdated notions and methods or simply “waiting for time to heal,” and learn the basics of using meaning reconstruction to work confidently, compassionately and effectively with clients who have been overwhelmed by loss. You’ll learn:

  • The three areas in which clients can get stuck in the grieving process
  • Techniques for assessing client needs and readiness, and tailoring interventions accordingly
  • How to identify and attend to secondary losses that can accompany a death
  • Exercises for creating a safe space for traumatic tales and emotional regulation
  • Common risk factors that can complicate and prolong grief
  • How to unravel the complex tangle of emotions that fall under the label of “grief”
Cover for Grief Therapy Masterclass Volume 2

VOLUME 2: A Trauma-Informed Approach to Loss

Join Neimeyer in a session with Guy, who’s struggling with eerie similarities between the deaths of his two children. Over the course of a complete 1-hour session, enriched with commentaries and discussions, you’ll discover multifaceted techniques for giving the bereaved agency over their stories of loss, so they become the narrators rather than victims of the stories. You’ll learn:

  • Common indicators that a client is struggling with this aspect of loss
  • How to provide a non-anxious space for clients to tell dark tales of traumatic loss
  • Restorative Retelling Techniques for working at both the content and process levels
  • Tools to give to clients so that they retain agency over their death-event stories
  • Tips for using verbal and nonverbal cues to attend to client needs and readiness
  • How traumatic deaths create resistance in the retelling amongst family members
Cover for Grief Therapy Masterclass Volume 3

VOLUME 3: Realigning Relationships with the Deceased

Watch Neimeyer’s sessions with three clients all struggling with their grief. Though the circumstances are dissimilar — the natural death of a spouse after 56 years of marriage, the fetal and perinatal deaths of two triplets, and the untimely death of a parent 24 years prior — in all cases their grief has been complicated by their relationships with the deceased. Explore methods for helping clients establish bonds with their loved ones that can survive their physical absence. You’ll learn:

  • Techniques for resolving regret, anger and other unfinished business
  • How to use imaginal dialogue to promote self-discovery and re-establish attachment
  • Why avoidant coping complicates grief and what to do instead to find resolution
  • Somatic and visualization exercises to access relationships with the deceased
  • Techniques for safely exploring grief without becoming overwhelmed by it
  • How to use limbic language, metaphors, and linking objects to deepen bonds with lost loved ones
Cover for Grief Therapy Masterclass Volume 4

VOLUME 4: Reinventing the Self After Loss

Neimeyer and his colleague Carolyn Ng work with clients who have had their foundations shaken by their respective losses, and yet are beginning to emerge from their grief with new possibilities in their lives. Find out how to nurture transformation after loss by watering the seeds of growth with attention, consolidating them in limbic language, and supporting feasible next steps in hoped for directions. You’ll learn:

  • Common ways in which identity can be challenged and changed by loss
  • Cues that clients are struggling with issues of identity
  • How to determine when clients are ready to explore post-trauma meaning-making
  • Principles parents can use to help inform their disclosure of traumatic death to children
  • Creative arts techniques for heightening and consolidating client awareness of growth
  • Tools for identifying and supporting revision in client narratives of self and relationships

“When we integrate rather than segregate the tragedies of our lives, we are enlarged rather than made smaller by them. We find ways to give meaning to suffering, as well as joy, opening further the window of responsive emotion and giving it a place in our lives with others.”

— Robert Neimeyer, PhD

What You Get in This Course

  • 8.5+ hours of videos featuring real clinical sessions with real clients
  • Voiceover commentaries and discussions for behind-the-scenes insight
  • Supplemental resources to consolidate learning and promote lateral thinking
  • Downloadable transcripts of all videos
  • 8.75 continuing education credits available for licensed professionals

About Dr. Robert Neimeyer

Robert A. Neimeyer, PhD, is a Professor Emeritus of the Department of Psychology, University of Memphis, and maintains an active consulting and coaching practice. He also directs the Portland Institute for Loss and Transition, which provides online training internationally in grief therapy. Neimeyer has published 35 books, including New Techniques of Grief Therapy: Bereavement and Beyond, and serves as Editor of the journal Death Studies. The author of over 600 articles and book chapters and a frequent workshop presenter, he is currently working to advance a more adequate theory of grieving as a meaning-making process. Neimeyer served as President of the Association for Death Education and Counseling (ADEC) and Chair of the International Work Group for Death, Dying, & Bereavement. In recognition of his scholarly contributions, he has been granted the Eminent Faculty Award by the University of Memphis, made a Fellow of the Clinical Psychology Division of the American Psychological Association, and given Lifetime Achievement Awards by both ADEC and the International Network on Personal Meaning.

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Help Grieving Clients Shift from Trauma to Transformation

Get Lifetime Access to All Course Materials for Only $249 per person

Includes 8.5+ hrs of video featuring clinical sessions, 8.75 CEUs and more

For individual use only; not intended for shared use, teaching or training.
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