From the team that created the best-selling course Motivational Interviewing Step by Step

A self-paced online course to learn and implement Motivational Interviewing in juvenile justice settings


4 CEUs included 


Are you looking for an evidence-based alternative to the directive approaches traditionally used in juvenile justice settings? 


Proven outcomes of the Motivational Interviewing approach:
  • Reduce staff frustration and burn-out
  • Engages youth in an active role of goal setting
  • Enables staff to get better outcomes with less conflict
  • Increases youth commitment to taking steps toward behavior changes
  • Equips staff with tools to engage youth in ongoing change-focused conversations
  • Empowers youth to take responsibility for their actions
  • Fosters positive rapport with youth and staff
  • Promotes youth cooperation and decrease reactivity

Designed for Juvenile Justice Staff and Counselors

Probation Officers | Case Managers | Youth Counselors | Re-entry Specialists

Juvenile Detention Officers | Juvenile Parole Officers 

Youth Workers | Substance Abuse Counselors


Self-paced and flexible: staff learns on their own schedule
Incremental learning: build skills in stages
Cost-effective: reduced rates based on agency registration 
Long term value: permanent access promotes ongoing skills development



Course Content

Learn with MI demonstrations

Learn MI skills and techniques through 6 video demonstrations with adolescents in various juvenile justice settings: probation, juvenile hall and mandated substance abuse treatment. Seeing MI in action is the most powerful way to convey its spirit and efficacy.

Implement successfully

Understand implementation challenges and how to address them with discussions with 3 seasoned MI trainers who successfully implemented MI in probation and juvenile facilities. A roundtable discussion provides a model for ongoing peer coaching.

Tools for ongoing practice

Research shows that MI skills need to be reinforced over time. Our downloadable MI workbook makes this easy for your staff and supervisors, and includes "cheat sheets," practice activities and worksheets for skill-building and self-evaluation.

Test and Certificate Included

Users can take online test to demonstrate course completion.  4 continuing education credits available for licensed professionals, including counselors, social workers, and psychologists. Click here for list of CE Accreditations.

"A superb job of describing and demonstrating the use of MI with clients involved in the juvenile justice system. This will be very useful for those working with juvenile clients who are looking to utilize or increase their use of this effective communication method. "

Melinda Hohman, Ph.D, author, Motivational Interviewing in Social Work Practice, Director, SDSU School of Social Work

"An excellent complement to classroom training because it provide demonstrations as well as explanations of how to use MI skills in longer contact sessions with young people in the juvenile justice system, as well as brief interactions when time is very limited. Includes numerous examples of rolling with resistance, reflective listening, eliciting change talk, along with affirmations (OARS), elicit/provide/elicit, and planning for positive change."

Liz Craig, MPA, EBP
Trainer/Consultant, Member MI Network of Trainers

"This video should be in every counselor’s toolkit! After 40 years of counseling teenagers, I welcome how this powerful video captures the benefits of MI conversations with teenagers facing serious complex problems. The video-recorded sessions provide an excellent contrast between MI compliant and MI noncompliant (traditional therapy) counseling and how the therapist repaired the ruptured relationship. The MI peer supervision session is a bonus for supervisors and counselor educators. "

Jane M. Webber, PhD, LPC
Lecturer, Counselor Education Program, Kean University

About the Instructor

Ali Hall, JD

Ali Hall, JD,  is a member of MINT and an independent consultant and trainer. Ali has designed and facilitated over 900 MI workshops for health care practitioners, behavioral health clinicians, psychologists, psychiatrists, and criminal/juvenile justice professionals, and provides training for trainers in evidence-based practices.

Ali is joined by Debra Collins, LMFT and Daniel Domaguin, LCSW in demonstrating MI techniques.

Reginald Prince, Brenda Jennings and Jenn Luther, all MI trainers with extensive experience working in the juvenile justice systems discuss challenges and solution in implementing MI in these settings.

Content and Pricing

Permanent Access to :

-  6 video demonstrations of Motivational Interviewing applied in various juvenile justice settings 

-  Detailed session commentary to enhance understanding of strategies and skills used by counselors

-  Video demonstration of peer supervision group 

- 3 video interviews with seasoned MI trainers to discuss recommendations and challenges for successfully implementing MI in juvenile justice settings

-  MI in Juvenile Justice Settings Workbook: worksheets and practice exercises to improve your skills

- Transcripts of all videos

- Suggested discussion questions and role plays to enhance your practice of MI

-  4 CEUs  included in the price.

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What is Motivational Interviewing?

Motivational Interviewing (MI) is an evidence-based communication method that addresses client’s ambivalence to change and is an alternative to traditional advising methods in the helping fields where behavior change is the goal.

With MI, Staff members are able to create a positive environment in which adolescents feel heard and able to examine their ambivalence about the change. They can partner with youth in planning for and beginning the process of change.
This enables youth to: 
• Engage at a higher level resulting in staff gaining a better understanding of their situation, barriers and goals
• Express in their own words their desire for change 
• Discover their own interest in considering and/or making a change in their life
As a result:
• Youth self-efficacy in increased, resulting in them taking action and noticing that even small, incremental changes are important.
• Youth strengthen their commitment to change the target behavior
Motivational Interviewing (MI) was developed and is studied by William R. Miller, Ph.D., and Stephen Rollnick, Ph.D. since 1982 and has expanded to countless settings and applications in which behavior change is sought. More than 25,000 articles have cited MI, and over 200 randomized clinical trials of MI have appeared in print.

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