Learn How to Combine Diagnostic Interviewing with Alliance-Building for Better Client Outcomes.

Conducting an intake interview that enables you to get the diagnostic information you need while still engaging the client often feels like a juggling act. You may ask the right questions to come up with a DSM code, but if you fail to develop sufficient rapport, the client simply won't return for treatment. In fact, research shows that this is the most common outcome!

A Comprehensive Online Course in the DSM-5

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What you'll learn in this course

  • How to conduct a diagnostic interview with an emphasis on therapeutic care of the client
  • Major diagnostic categories and criteria of the most common disorders of adult clients
  • How to maintain a balanced and ethical approach to diagnostic issues
  • How to push for more specific information while establishing and maintaining rapport
  • Recognize behavioral cues in addition to verbal reports of symptoms

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"A magnificent educational series"

Aaron S. Hymes, PhD, Dept of Counseling and Human Development, Lindsey Wilson College

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Course content

Step-by-step instruction of the essential components and skills of a diagnostic interview

This balanced discussion of the pros and cons of utilizing the DSM-5 classification system provides the viewer with a detailed outline of how to conduct a diagnostic interview as well as helpful tips for effective phrasing of assessment questions.

Demonstrations of clinical interviews of the following disorders:

Adjustment Disorder
Generalized Anxiety
Panic Disorder
Persistent Depressive Disorder
Bipolar Disorder
Alcohol Use Disorder
Borderline Personality Disorder

Supplemental training resources

Practice and strengthen your diagnostic skills with numerous downloadable skill-building exercises, role plays and writing activities.

You'll practice evaluating clients for a particular diagnosis and learn the common differential diagnoses that should be ruled out during the initial intake interview.

Test and certificate included

 9.5 continuing education credits available for licensed professionals, including counselors, social workers, and psychologists. Click here for list of CE Accreditations.

Course materials

10 hours of video covering 11 DSM-5 diagnoses, with numerous excerpts of therapy sessions, detailed commentary and discussion.

- Step-by-step instructions in diagnosis and psychodiagnostic interviewing.

- Multiple commentaries to distill the essence of each diagnosis as well as the challenges that can arise in the diagnostic process.

-  Downloadable skill building exercises to further your understanding of each disorder, and practice your diagnostic skills.

- 9.5 CE CREDITS included in the price.

- Permanent access to course materials.


- Transcripts of all videos

- Downloadable article on the history and development of the DSM-5


"A highly informative, rich exploration of the fieldโ€™s current understanding of psychopathology, drawing from the DSM-5 with practical, specific applications and examples that can assist both present and future practitioners. "

T. S. Hanna, PhD
Counselor Educator and Supervisor

"This is the video series I wish were available when I was in graduate school. I highly recommend these as a resource for seasoned clinicians, graduate classes in diagnosis and assessment, and for any therapist who wants to ethically bridge the divide between humanistic connection with clients and diagnosing to meet medical criteria for insurance billing."

Julie Clay, LPC
Harrisonburg, VA

"This course is bound to be a significant and useful addition to any social worker, counselor, psychologist, and psychiatric nurse, and all mental health professionals who use the current version of the DSM. The vignettes bring to life the practice of diagnostic interviewing with an emphasis on therapeutic care of clients, and provides examples of how to interview clients toward a diagnostic discussion."

Carlos M Del Rio, PhD, NCC, LPC, LIMHP
Assistant Professor of Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Bellevue University

"A magnificent educational training course for counselors. The course thoroughly and comprehensively addresses the challenges of clinical interviewing and diagnosis and includes thoughtful discussions on psychopathology and multicultural competence. I highly recommend this as a teaching and training tool."

Aaron S. Hymes, PhD
Deptartment of Counseling and Human Development, Lindsey Wilson College

"An excellent resource for clinicians in training as well as newly licensed professionals. The concise overview of diagnostic criteria, inclusion of psychodiagnostic interview vignettes followed by the discourse between Dr. Victor Yalom and Dr. Jason Buckles provide clinicians with the necessary resources to effectively execute psychodiagnostic interviews with diverse clients with a myriad of psychiatric diagnoses. "

Alayna Thomas, MS, PhD Candidate
Rehabilitation Counseling, North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University

Our faculty

Jason Buckles, PhD

Jason Buckles, PhD, earned his Master’s in Counseling at The University of New Mexico in 2001 and PhD at The University of New Mexico in 2016.  From 2012 through 2016 he was the statewide clinical director of the New Mexico Department of Health—Bureau of Behavioral Support. He currently is the executive director of A Better Way of Living, an agency that provides life-wide supports for people with intellectual disability and concurrent behavioral and/or mental health conditions. He has taught psychiatric assessment and diagnosis at New Mexico Highlands University since 2002 and in the Special Education department at The University of New Mexico since 2015.

Victor Yalom, PhD

Victor Yalom, PhD is the founder, CEO, and resident cartoonist of Psychotherapy.net. He is a licensed psychologist with over 30 years of clinical experience, and has conducted workshops in existential-humanistic and group therapy in the US, Mexico, and China. He has produced over 60 training videos in psychotherapy, counseling, and addictions treatment.

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