Legal & Ethical Issues for Mental Health Professionals: Revised 2020 

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  • Standards of care regarding telehealth, digital communication and social media.
  • Complexities of HIPAA as it impacts clinical practice.
  • Line between boundary crossing and boundary violation.
  • Ethics of bartering, gift giving and touch.
  • Conditions allowing breach of confidentiality.
  • Difference between duty to warn, report and protect. 
  • Laws and ethics in cases of suspected child or elder abuse.

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Angie O'Gieblyn, PhD

Updated introduction that includes clear and applicable overarching principles that are easy to memorize and apply when faced with an ethical or legal dilemma. The vignettes provide additional depth and context to the real-life court rulings, making the information memorable. The context of the videos make the information memorable and helpful for understanding the complexity of accurate ethical decision-making. 

Angie O'Gieblyn, PhD Lecturer, Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Lynn Jennings, PhD

A great resource for students, educators and practitioners, providing a solid foundation for understanding the legal and ethical issues therapists often face. A must-have throughout the counselor education journey—from ethics classes to internships and into practice.


—Lynn Jennings, PhD Adjunct Faculty, Texas Tech University

Carlos M. Del Rio, PhD

Timely and very relevant to all mental health practitioners, with case illustrations for defining the parameters of therapeutic relationships, discerning dual relationships, differentiating between privacy and confidentiality, and guidelines for complying with HIPAA. This is a powerful resource for all clinicians as they maneuver through the questions that result from ethical dilemmas for which there are no written rules.

Carlos M. Del Rio, PhD Assistant Professor, Bellevue University

Course Expert: Steve Feldman, JD, PhD

Stephen Feldman, JD, PhD, is an attorney and psychologist who has practiced and taught both law and psychology from Harvard in the east to Seattle University in the west. He holds a law degree from Harvard and a psychology degree from the University of Nebraska. He has lectured extensively on the law and ethics of mental health practice at conferences and in academic settings and is in private practice consulting with counseling services and individual practitioners on legal and ethical problems. He was named the "Distinguished Psychologist" for 2006 by the Washington State Psychological Association.

Stephen Feldman, jd, PhD

The Course Covers....

Volume 1: Confidentiality, privilege, duty to warn, child/elder abuse, HIPAA and telehealth.

The four lively dramatization vignettes of a judge, her law-clerk and a journalist help clarify how court rulings became laws and how they impact many of the clinical, ethical, legal and moral concerns you may encounter in your practice. Additional commentary by clinical and legal expert Stephen Feldman and conversations between Feldman and founder Victor Yalom will further  your legal and ethical insights, and strengthen your decision-making, helping you minimize the likelihood of board complaints and malpractice litigation. 

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Volume 2: Ethical issues

Volume 2 of this series addresses ethics, and the particular concern of being investigated by one’s licensing board for an alleged violation. Specifically, vignettes and in-depth commentaries cover such murky matters as: bartering, boundaries, dual relationships, touch, self-disclosure, gifts,  breaches in confidentiality, termination and referral, electronic records, standard of care, HIPAA, client debt, and client suicide, as well as the impact of email, social media, and other technologies on ethical issues in metal-health.

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The Legal & Ethical CEs You Need in a Course You'll Enjoy

Only $139, with 7 CE Credits included


Discounts available for organizations with multiple users. Contact us at [email protected] or call 1-800-577-4762.