$129.00 USD

Accelerated Treatment for Anxiety, Panic and Phobias

Featuring renowned anxiety disorder expert Reid Wilson, PhD, this online course showcases Wilson's highly effective cognitive behavioral interventions for treating anxiety disorders.

With This Course You'll Learn To...

  • Externalize and personify anxiety disorders to change your client's mindset
  • Perform a methodical assessment to reveal the true nature of your client's distress
  • Apply cognitive behavioral interventions designed to solidify commitment and build courage
  • Customize in vivo exposure exercises to teach clients to tolerate anxiety
  • Equip clients with concrete strategies they can use at home to overcome anxieties

What You Get in This Course

  • Over 5 hours of videos featuring anxiety expert Reid Wilson conducting clinical sessions with real clients
  • Thorough overview and behind-the-scenes commentary to provide insight into his cognitive behavioral interventions
  • Supplemental skill building activities to practice the core skills demonstrated in the videos
  • Written transcript of all videos
  • Lifetime access to all course materials
  • Earn up to 5.5 CE Credits, included in the course.

What People Are Saying:

Reid Wilson provides an extraordinary insight into the process of exposure therapy for phobias. Observing him implement exposure therapy is beautifully complemented by his explanation of what he is aiming to achieve each step of the way. This course provides a rare look into the mechanisms of exposure as it is unfolding. Invaluable resource for working with clients with anxiety disorders.

Michelle G. Craske, PhD, Director, Anxiety Disorders Research Center, UCLA

This is a unique opportunity to look behind the scene at how one of the pioneers in the field of OCD treatment actually goes about doing therapy. You will be able to understand the principles behind how Wilson makes choices from moment to moment as he actively pushes his patients to relate to their inner experience with an entirely different attitude. Even if you learned CBT for anxiety disorders years ago and have been seeing obsessive patients all along, you will see why this particular innovation is a breakthrough.

Sally Winston, PsyD, Co-Director, Anxiety and Stress Disorders Clinic of Maryland

In this course viewers can easily understand Wilson’s approach. His pacing, leading, and reframing, intermixed with insightful prodding questions, facts, and positive associations, helps clients to think, feel, and act differently. I recommend this course for anyone working with clients struggling with anxiety.

John D. Lentz, DMin, Founder and Director of the Ericksonian Institute of Jeffersonville, Indiana