EFT Masterclass: Advanced Topics in Couples Counseling

Get the expertise you need to confidently work with couples facing addiction, sexual issues, pornography and grief.

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"Highly recommended! An excellent resource for anyone interested in deepening their skills and continuing their professional growth, this series covers topics not thoroughly covered beyond content-level knowledge in training programs, but incredibly important in many relationships. Well-produced, with clear guidance on developing advanced-level skills that are often underemphasized in training programs, especially within a clinical context."

Keith Klostermann, PhD, AAMFT
Approved Supervisor, Associate Professor, Medaille College

"Discussion of sexual issues, addictions and grief can be intimidating for novice and seasoned counselors alike, but these videos clearly demonstrate how to talk about these dynamic and deeply personal challenges faced by our clients in the therapy room."

Javier F. Casado Pérez, PhD,
Community Counseling Clinic Director, Marriage, Couples, and Family Counseling Program Co-Coordinator, Portland State University

"An invaluable resource for anyone working with couples. These videos are a rare opportunity to experience clinicians with very different styles apply the same model of psychotherapy. I especially loved seeing how very different therapeutic styles are a great fit with the EFT-model, and how emotion can be worked with through several routes. Both Michael Barnett and Leanne Campbell help their clients get in touch with their vulnerabilities, but they do so in different ways. Barnett shows us how the attachment cue and the cognitive appraisals open the door into vulnerability, while Campbell demonstrates how powerful it can be to use the bodily felt sense to access emotion. Any therapist who wishes to help clients gain deeper access to their emotional experience will find some gems here"

Dimitrij Samoilow
ICEEFT-certified EFT-trainer, clinical psychologist, Oslo, Norway.

Learn how to:

  • Apply key EFT principles and create relationally-based treatment plans for couples struggling with complex issues.

  • Maintain clinical focus on strengthening attachment rather than being distracted by the couples' destructive patterns.

  • Use EFT to strengthen the bonds of engagement and help couples reconnect sexually. 

Get tools proven to make you a more effective couples therapist

Our Experts Include...

Michael Barnett, MA, LPC is an ICEEFT certified supervisor and trainer in Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples (EFT), and is the founder and director of the Atlanta Center for Emotionally Focused Therapy. 

Leanne Campbell, PhD, Certified ICEEFT Trainer is co-director of the Vancouver Island Centre for EFT and Campbell & Fairweather Psychology Group, and is an Honorary Research Associate of Vancouver Island University.

Jeff Hickey, LCSW, CST is the director and president of the Chicago Center for Emotionally Focused Therapy.

Lisa Palmer-Olsen, PsyD is a Certified EFT Trainer and Supervisor and is a Founder and one of the Directors of the Emotionally Focused Couples Training and Research Institute at Alliant International University.

The Course Covers...

Volume 1: Sexual Issues     

Sexual intimacy is often a casualty of insecure relationships between partners who have grown emotionally distant from one another.  With its unique focus on attachment, EFT offers unique advantages for couples struggling with sexual issues. 

Because couples like Mark and Julie do not typically bring up their sex lives with their therapist, it is the therapist’s job to focus on the sexual relationship as bonds of trust, security and attachment are strengthened. Watch how master therapist Jeff Hickey uses key EFT principles to help this couple understand and break down the walls of resistance and rekindle the flames of their own intimacy.

Volume  2: Addiction

When addiction enters couples treatment, the focus on sobriety can be a distraction from core relationship issues and lead to further disconnection in the couple as the non-addicted partner often feels neglected.  See how master EFT therapist and addiction specialist Michael Barnett uses attachment theory to help Mark and Julie embrace their biographical pain and build their emotional fluency skills within a safe yet challenging therapeutic space.

Volume 3: Porn Addiction 

Pornography addiction is often destabilizing to a relationship, undermining the bonds of intimacy and trust between partners. But by focusing solely on the pornography addiction, a couples therapist can become sidetracked from the immense wounds and relational damage that comes with this behavior.

Learn to shift your clinical focus on the attachment roots of couple dysfunction by watching Michael Barnett humanize pornography use and frame the addiction in EFT terms. As he skillfully analyzes the couple’s distress pattern, you will observe how staying focused on  attachment issues can strengthen a couple's attachment bonds.

Volume 4: Grief and Loss

When the loss of a child compounds existing relational stressors of a couple, clinicians may feel daunted by the sheer depth of their emotional pain. 

Learn from master EFT trainer Leanne Campbell, as she works with Sean and Jenn who are now expecting a child four years after the tragic loss of their newborn son. See how EFT can more quickly reverse destructive relational patterns and provide couples methods to deepen their attachment. As partners move closer, they are able to avoid the inevitable pitfalls associated with loss, grief and other traumatic experiences.


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